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'Everybody has at least one book in them including you.'

That does not mean everyone will write a book, but everyone is a potential author.


So, if you an established author or a ‘want to be author’, consider all your book writing problem solved.


Is your book ready? (And Build Media Team book) is a wonderful book resource that gives you step by step guide on how to successfully write, publish and market your next book.


From the book you will learn how to:

  • Clarify why you are writing your book
  • Set the vision for your book
  • Identify the audience for your book
  • Understand the basics of your book business
  • Draw up the project plan, budget, and timetable for your book production
  • Track your book writing, publishing, and marketing progress
  • Design market testing plan for your book
  • Design the PR campaign for your book
  • Administer the legal and registration process for your book
  • Prepare for our book launch
  • Plan for ‘Life after your book launch’
  • Break-even and recoup the financial investment of publishing your book
  • Herness your book to increase revenue, data capture & further opportunities


'Is your book ready' also come with:

  • 10 Chapter exercises to facilitate your learning
  • 100 check list to track your progress towards your book
  • Structure and outline of your Book
  • 5 spices to make your book standout
  • 5 recommendations for your book publishing and more


You have a book in you, now is the time to share it with the world!

Is Your Book Ready

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  • Is Your Book Ready is also available as an eBook. To get your copy of the eBook, visit amazon using the link below:


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