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author of 'overcoming spiritual Battles'

Working with the 'Is Your Book Ready?' team encouraged and empowered me to work on my goal of becoming an author. They kept me regularly updated and were very helpful for the entire book publishing journey. Their level of support is 10/10. I could not have published my first book without them on my team.




I came across 'Is Your Book Ready Tea' through one of their seminars which I found very informative and empowering. From there on, I conclusively decided to go with them for my book project which I have been contemplating for many years.


I found them quite astoundingly helpful in my book production journey. Their professionalism is first-class and their process is quite user-friendly, and they have good customer relations skills. They have the resources, tools, experience, knowledge and are energetic. They are patient and willingly ready anytime to assist. They go the extra mile for you and are well astute in their field


What I like about them is their innovative ability and vast exposure in writing, publishing, and marketing books. They have a wonderful team behind them. They are so cohesive and productive in the way they organise and do their business.

I had a wonderful experience with them and will continue to use them for all my publishing and marketing need.

I would recommend them to any potential author for their book production journey. 'Is Your Book Ready' is what you need if you want to write a wonderful book

Thank you 'Is Your Book Ready?' team.


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joan green

author of 'all you need to know about 11+' - Bestseller

I was highly empowered by the support that your service has provided. It allowed me to take a deeper insight on how to build a business and to better equip myself. The level of support was beyond what I expected. I was able to develop my IT skills and I was mentored throughout the process.
The process assisted me to further develop my growth mindset. I knew from then on that I would not give up.  The stages allowed me to understand why I have written a book and assisted me to realise the power of quality service.


Working along with your company I have seen a high level of transparency, integrity, selflessness, and how to be flexible and assertive. As a result of working with your company; I am more astute, I  am now thinking of publishing another book, I am now thinking of doing webinars, videos and sharing my experiences with others. I feel like I have more to give. I am truly grateful for the support and the experience I had. I recommend that if anyone who wants to publish a book this company service is 100% full proof and you will never regret the journey.
Thank you - Joan Green


jessica mae

author of 2 Books

Books written by Jessica Mae Obioha are 'Lunch Date With Jesus' and 'Is Your Book Ready? (Co-Author).


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Co-Autor of Diamond Believer Teens. 


david adabale

author of 6 bOOKS

Books written by David Adabale are: Diamond Believer, Build Media Team, Systems for Living, Diamond Believer for Teens (Co-Author), Is Your Book Ready (Co-Author) and Locating & Fulfilling Your Assignment.


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DR. Henry

author of 'Value shift'

The team empowered me by helping me to clarify my book vision and outlining all the steps that are required from conception all the way to the production of the book; putting timelines to those processes and more importantly, monitoring and checking with me to ensure that I remained on track all through the book production process.


I found the team incredibly helpful at every stage of the book project and their support was invaluable to completing the book on time.


The team also gave me strategies on how to publicise the book after launch. I suspect that if the team had not been involved and be present to hold me accountable the book project might have been delayed or the completion date would not have been achieved.


I highly recommend ‘Is Your Book Ready’ for your book production journey.



author of 'How To Keep Your Fire Burning'

Some challenges that I faced in writing my first book were presenting my thoughts in a visually appealing manner and publicising my new book. These two keys aspects are things that I did not really consider before writing my book.


After the team formatted it, the content was not only visually appealing but communicated key aspects of the message that I wanted to pass on to my readers 

With help from the team, we were able to devise a very insightful and in-depth marketing plan and this really helped me to put things into perspective. They broke down the giant tasks of community engagement into a tailor-made strategy. Mastering their strategy was key in building a successful marketing campaign and significantly helped me.

In addition, the team has encouraged and empowered me to be bold about my message and be willing to share it with others. They empowered me to broaden my perspective on where my book can take me and the people it can touch.

The team is approachable and very knowledgeable in their field. They are not short of skill or ability. One key thing that you'll quickly notice is that they know what they are talking about.

For other authors and authors to be, I would definitely recommend the team as they have so much wisdom and practical advice on how you can communicate your message with the world, and they are clearly passionate about the message you have and how to amplify that message.


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Pastor Femi

author of 'Don't Waste God's Grace'

I want to say a very big thank you for the professional work you've done; the editing, formatting, design, publishing, was so professionally done. 

I recommend you to all the authors and authors to-be who wants to publish their book.


joyce oyedele

author of 'diamond steps to success'

Thank you so much team! Wow! My book looks absolutely fantastic and I'm so excited; this is exciting stuff!

I'm speechless, thank you so much team! God brought exactly at the right time. I cannot imagine how I would have done this without you. Thank you so much.


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