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Is your book ready?

Providing you with the step by step guide to writing, publishing & marketing your book

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About the WEBINAR

Providing you the step by step guide towards writing, publishing and marketing your book

Have you always wanted to write a book but have been facing different challenges; family commitment, workload, writer's block, etc.?. Or are the things taking place in our world right now igniting something in you, and inspiring you to write a book?

Let me tell you this, the person who writes a book determines the future because those coming afterward will read the book and use it to determine how they live.

What To Expect From The Webinar

mOre About the WEBINAR

From the webinar you will learn how to:

Perhaps you committed yourself to write a book in 2021. Well…, we’ve already gone passes the halfway mark of 2021, but it is not too late for you. There is a book inside you, and this is the best time to bring it out.

My name is David Adabale, along with the other hosts, I am inviting you to a webinar titled: ‘Is Your Book Ready? Webinar’ where I will share with you tips and tricks that helped me write six books in two years.

Is Your Book Ready Webinar October Event .jpg

About The Hosts

David Adabale

David Adabale has 20 years’ experience in leadership and team-building consultancy.  


He is an Associate Pastor at New Wine Church, London.  


He is the author of six books – Diamond Believer, Diamond Believe for Teens, Build Media Team, Systems for Living, Is Your Book Ready?, and Locating & Fulfilling Your Assignment.  He also runs a media consultancy and personal development training programme.


Jane Adabale

Jane Adabale is passionate about mentoring young people to become the leaders they were always destined to be. She devotes herself to coaching them to discover their purpose and find ways of pushing through every trial. She excels in helping others to thrive during their darkest moments – she practices what she teaches – that ‘Leaders lead from the pit’ choosing to help others despite experiencing your own pain.


Professionally, she has a background in Marketing & Business Development, specialising in B2B businesses


Jessica Mae Obioha

Jessica Mae Obioha is the founder & Marketing Strategist of Jessica Mae Marketing.


She is passionate about serving entrepreneurs who are walking in their purpose so that they can make a positive impact and difference in the world.


Following her passion to make a difference, Jessica founded Afro Hair Magazine and Lunch Date With Jesus. She also self-published Dear Jesus Journal and The Efficient Entrepreneur.


Video Testimonials

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