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We believe that writing a book should not be the end of the journey but the beginning of an exciting phase of reaching more people. 


We will walk with you through the process of identifying the options available to you, provide a proposal that includes our recommendation, and then develop a project plan based on the option that you choose to explore. 

What To Expect From Book Branding

Book Branding Strategy Session Exercise

Please fill in your details below in preparation for your strategy session.


The cost for the 90 minutes Book Branding Strategy Session is £300.


Once you have filled in the form and paid for your session, you will receive a confirmation email with the relevant details for your session.

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“Their level of support is 10/10. I could not have published my first book without them on my team.” 


—  Tamara Farana, Author of 'Overcoming Spiritual Battles'

Our Self-Published Authors

See below a list of books we helped our authors to self-publish.

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